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The Condom Alliance is the coming together of key stakeholders who see a thriving condom market as a significant contributing factor for the health and well-being of youth in India. The Condom Alliance is envisaged as a collective to coordinate efforts and implement joint activities to revive and expand the condom market by tapping into the business opportunity presented by India’s burgeoning youth population.


Condom sales in India have been stagnating at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1% per annum. Decline in the use of condoms and contraceptive pills has resulted into low use of contraception by young urban couples. India’s youth population, which is the largest youth cohort in the world, poses a huge opportunity and potential for social impact and market growth for condoms through a broader lens of family planning as well as reproductive health.

In pursuit of this opportunity, a need was identified for the key market players to come together and share resources with a common goal of reviving the condom category. Taking this further, SHOPS Plus convened a multi-stakeholder roundtable consultation with the key condom manufacturers, social marketers, domain experts, and donors on January 30, 2019.

Twenty organisations participated in the consultation meeting. The meeting provided the potential partners – India’s leading contraceptive manufacturers and marketers, domain experts, implementing agencies, and donors a platform to deliberate on the alliance’s possible structure, goals, and activities to revive the condom market in the country. There was a shared recognition that ‘joint action is imperative to expand the condom market in India’.

This early consensus on the need for a Condom Alliance was a clear and a powerful win. The key agreements of the next steps from the consultation were to develop a charter of objectives for the Condom Alliance, terms of reference for members, continue engagement through one-on-one meetings, and reconvene the group in three months to kick-start collective action.

Our Mission and vision

Our mission is to revive the condom market in India by harnessing the power of collective impact to address market constraints and unlock the untapped market potential.

Our vision is to improve the reproductive well-being of the youth in India.


strategic Objective

The over-arching objective of the Condom Alliance is to increase demand for condoms among youth.


Specifically, the Condom Alliance will aim:

  • To facilitate collaborative opportunities to ensure collective and consistent amplification of social behaviour change messaging for condom promotion.
  • To partner with the government towards envisioning and executing an enabling environment for condom supply and promotion.
  • To shape the learning agenda and understand how to effectively reach the youth.
  • To improve manufacturers’ access to platforms supported by health organizations and government.
  • To design and scale interventions to effectively reach the youth with a messaging that resonates with them through new and innovative platforms.

Areas of Focus

Demand Generation Campaigns

  • Designing category promotion campaigns using a segmented approach to demand generation according to customer’s age, income, geography, stage of reproductive cycle etc.)
  • Leveraging digital media to address the challenges in demand generation as well as supply-side challenges (such as issues related to distribution and access).


Evidence Building

  • Co-invest to test demand generation models, introduce new products to a wider population, and allocate resources towards evidence generation.
  • Present the government with data and indices (such as a youth index) and support government buy-in and engagement for the private sector.



  • Engage in long-term advocacy with the government to address the policy related issues such as, restrictions on advertising and supply/procurement problems that social marketers face.
  • Focused advocacy interventions with the government with a clear plan of approaching relevant ministries and key stakeholders (e.g. information and broadcasting ministry which issues guidelines on condom advertising.

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